My car was stolen

On Thursday, in the early morning hours, my car was stolen from the covered breezeway in my back yard. Whoever stole it was not a professional, because the car was 23 years old and rusty. Was it just local kids looking for a bit of fun? Probably. Will the cops ever find it? (The rest of this paragraph was removed after I came to my senses.)

Anyway, I did notice that the thief also stole one of the mudflaps that had fallen off and was sitting on a bench near the car. That would seem to indicate that either the thief intends to keep the car, or they acquired it for someone who intends to keep it. A couple of weeks ago at a traffic light someone in another car asked if I would sell it. When I declined, he looked very annoyed and asked “why not?” Was it him?

The car is a dark blue 1988 Toyota MR2, supercharged, with a T roof. If you see one of those (in the Vancouver area), let me know. They are rare enough that it will be worth my while to follow up.

**UPDATE** They found it! Whoever took it drove to Maple Ridge (about 20 miles away) and dumped it. Someone reported it abandoned yesterday and the Maple Ridge RCMP called me last night. No obvious damage other than the ignition. It will be towed to a local mechanic and repaired, and I should have it back later this week.

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